Art & Writing in the Garden
Copyright 2017 Belinda Landtroop
   Life can be scary when your little and doing things for the first time.  It can even be scary when your big.

   Tiny is a very big pumpkin.  But he may miss out again on a good time with friends because of his fears.

   He made a promise to his friend.  Will he be able to keep it or will fear stop him?

Dark & Scary is an e-book
Sometimes a trick might just backfire as Kathy Kat finds out,in this delightful Halloween story. 

A gentle tale for the holiday with charming illustrations.  It is a great read aloud story for young children.

Boo & Eek an e-book
It's October and time to get your pink on!
The lovely lady in the pink scarf is my sister Mira.

I designed the pink scarf for her.
She is a breast cancer survivor and a wonderful sister.

So get your pink on and give a little to the cause.

Then, celebrate those who recover, support those still trying
and remember those with love who didn't.
Tender October
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