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Children's Ebooks
Don"t Crack the Eggs!       Easy read book series 
Kathy is expecting a mystery book in the mail today. What she finds in the mailbox instead isn't a book. Instead she finds something that thrills her. Then worries her.

Time is short and Kathy has to find a solution right away! Will you think of the same solution as Kathy?
The Summer Day Story Collection includes four stories. 
Three of B. A. Landtroop's published stories avaliable separately and one new story, "Field of Danger" available only in this collection.

Field of Danger
Two brothers off across a field and down to the creek. Big brother wants to get to the creek.  Little brother just wants to play. 
When something goes terribly wrong 
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Escape From the Old Well             Easy read book series

Honeyball, an Old English Sheepdog and Sugar a Cocker Spaniel are best friends.  On vacation they soon found adventure and danger.  They were swimming in an unexpected place.

How would they survive this lastest adventure?
Escape From the Old Well
Summer Day Story Collection
Don't Crack the Eggs!
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You Found What!
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Boo & EEk!
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Dark & Scary!
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Share Christmas Eve with the Sparkles Family,
a charming family of snowpeople, in this delightful Christmas book.  Join the Sparkles Children Holly, Mistletoe, Blinky and Twinkle around the Christmas tree to celebrate.  Have a cup of Cold Chocolate as PaPa Sparkles reads their family Christmas Poem.

The Sparkles© Trading Card Set 1 & Set 2 are here. 

Trading Cards are for your personal use.
Just click on the photo for the template. Save to your computer. 
Print on 8.5x11 inch white cardstock or photo  paper and cut out.
Makes a great look printed on photo paper for a  quick gift.
Perfect for adding in a holiday or birthday gift bag.
A Sparkles Christmas Eve
A Halloween Adventure Series Book1 
Sometimes a trick might just backfire as Kathy Kat finds out,
in this delightful Halloween story.  A gentle tale for the holiday with
charming illustrations.  It is a great read aloud story for young children.
Age level- 2-6 years 
You Found What?                Easy read book series
This is a fun read aloud story.

Nancy is off with her sheepdog, Blackie, to meet the twins down by the creek.  But they won't be catching fish today.  Last night there was a terrible storm.  Damage was done and there are strange prints by the creek.
Dark & Scary
A Halloween Adventure Series Book2
Picture Book

Life can be scary when your little and doing things for
the first time.  It can even be scary when your big.  Tiny is a very big pumpkin.  But he may miss out again on a good time with friends because of his fears.  He made a promise to his friend.  Will he be able to keep it or will fear stop him?
Age level- 3-8 years